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(#1489) Seth M (Acworth, GA)
12/3/2016 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: HOW Saturday Night Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 1 year since 11/6/2015, Seth was introduced as one who has bought into the Program.

His home group is the Kennesaw Cornerstone in Kennesaw, GA.

The second generation raised in Marietta, GA, his mother worked for the county, his dad a teacher, members of a non-drinking or dancing Baptist church.

Seth started drinking in middle school, pulled out of college his first semester, spent some time in Florida where he was trained to work on boats. He returned home to work on boats and party.

Once he turned 21 it was drinking all day every day.

He walked away from a wreck in a blackout going 110 MPH and managed to not have it reported to the police.

Months later he got a DUI and six felonies. His parents, newly divorced, bailed him out.

He started going to AA in Kennesaw and got 74 days sober and then off to the races. For two years he was off and on getting progressively worse.

In June of 2015, he got in a high speed accident in a blackout, severely injuring his passenger for which he is in the process of making amends.

He did 30 days in jail, got out and drank against his will - twice. Then he faced himself in the mirror and came back into AA.

He finally proved to himself that he was powerless, took the steps and in six months the obsession was lifted around Steps 6 and 7.

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