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(#281) Serenity Sam M (Richmond, IN)
11/3/2001 in Santa Barbara, CA  EVENT: Santa Barbara AA Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Very, very funny guy. Known as Serenity Sam because he tore the Serenity Prayer off the bulletin board at a clubhouse, Sam shares his "experience, strength and scar tissue".

He went to a Catholic school for 8 years where he majored in guilt and minored in shame.

He came into AA in his 20's. His aunt told him he was the grand finale of SOB's in their family.

Started the 9th grade but did not finish. Went from there to reform school.

He chased older women until there weren't any anymore.

He went to the Penitentiary at 18. By 23 he was hooked on everything he tried and was looking for more.

Two weeks before he got sober he had a judge call him a social irritant.

He drank as long as he possibly could and then 2 years longer.

He witnessed a killing back east and reeled in his umbilical cord and came back to mama who had discovered Al-Anon.

He moved to Venice, CA where he lived for the next 30 years.

Not sure why he went to his first AA meeting except that his father suggested it. Someone gave him a book that he threw in the trash on the way home.

He drank for a week and wound up at the End Of The Line Group in LA. And it was. He felt welcomed.

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