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(#1934) Searcy W (Dallas, TX)
10/27/2001 in Savannah, GA  EVENT: Last Call Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

Sober 55 years since 1946, Searcy shares his story and goes into some detail about his efforts to start a number of hospital programs in Texas and New Mexico.

He worked often and closely with Bill W and in 1948 studied at the Yale Center for Alcohol Studies (CAS) with Dr. E. M. Jellinek. CAS was founded in 1935 but ...

"Dr. Jellinek moved the Yale School on Alcohol Studies from New Haven, Connecticut to TCU in Fort Worth and renamed it the Yale Institute on Alcohol Studies in the Southwest...

Beginning in 1949, Searcy established alcohol hospitals (the predecessor to today's drug and alcohol treatment centers) in Lubbock, Dallas, Houston, and Carlsbad, New Mexico. Alcoholics were brought in there for one week and paid $125, which included their doctors, hospital, nurses, and medications. They were taken to Alcoholics Anonymous and 75 percent of them stayed sober.

Searcy later became a staff member of the Yale Institute on Alcohol Studies in the Southwest at TCU in Fort Worth."

From Searcy's OBIT Dallas Morning News

Search died sober September 30, 2003 at age 93.

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