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(#687) Sean H (Smyrna, GA)
5/2/2015 in Smyrna, GA  EVENT: REBOS Saturday Night Speaker Meeting  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 11 years since 3/24/2004 and now 31 years old, Sean got sober at age 19. Born in the small railroad town of Bellevue, OH his parents divorced when he was very young. Though there was abuse, he now believes he was alcoholic from the first drink. She remarried to a good man.

At 10 Sean was diagnosed with an immune deficiency that required regular transfusions. The family moved to Atlanta in hopes the climate change would improve his health. Though he had fun growing up in Bellevue, he always felt "alone even in a crowded room". In Atlanta this sense of isolation increased - he hated the area. He discovered drugs and alcohol. His grades deteriorated. He enrolled in the only college that would accept him but did not attend.

Where he is today in and through the AA program is a modern parable of the Prodigal Son.

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