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(#1085) Scott R (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Fall 1993 in Great Falls, MT  EVENT: Montana Fall Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 8 years since April 1985, this is the earliest talk by Scott (so far) in the collection.

Scott is a real favorite for many in the program.

A Hollywood writer, producer and Broadway actor while drinking, he became, in sobriety, a caterer on the sets for the very people he used to work with, supervise.and direct.

"I'm really getting the gits now!"

Scott grew up in the Bronx to a crazy Jewish family.

Scott did get back into writing and died sober in 2008.

Scott did a 4 CD Step Study that is also on WeJoy.

(1 hr 7 min) (15.5 MB) (id#1085)