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(#2193) Sandy B (Tampa, FL)
2007 in Nashville, TN  EVENT: Retreat Outside Nashville  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop

God is Everything or He is Nothing

Sober 42 years since 12/7/1964, Sandy develops on a theme of playing a practical joke on himself the way he and the kids in his neighborhood in Connecticut used to play pranks.

He finishes with this:

"Where could I hide", I said, "so I could never find myself?"
"I know. I could pretend that I'm not me or you nor he."
"I'll hide in a story and believe that it's real."
"Oh boy! What a joke on me."

NOTE: The actual event location and Retreat name are unknown. Just that it is somewhere outside Nashville.

(54 min) (6.3 MB) (id#2193)