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(#268) Sandy L (Superior, WI)
Sept 2000 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 29th Fellowship by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sandy is a delightful speaker. Her husband Chuck is a member of Al-Anon. The story of him chasing her around the front yard in his underwear thinking she is the crazy one is a classic. Born 8/11/1947, never remembered feeling peace. Felt fearful, maybe adopted and frequently suicidal (1st attempted at age 12).

Her dad was an alcoholic who tried to put a plug in the jug but did not always succeed. Her mother was a very strict Baptist and still Baptist today. Never saw her practice what was being preached. Drank and got drunk the first time at 13. Loved the way the fear went away. Went to Al-anon first with her sister as her qualifier but became convinced after three weeks she was an alcoholic after drinking the night before.

She then spends most of the talk sharing about dealing with sobriety as a married couple.

Listen to Chuck's Al-Anon Story

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