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(#1686) Sam V (Iowa City, IA)
2/18/2017 in Hebron, KY  EVENT: 66th Kentucky State Conference  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story

An Al-Anon member 23 years since 11/7/1994, Sam says that instead of hearing an AA talk about going to jail or getting married four times before age 30,

"I'm just a guy who thinks too much."

He grew up in a "normal, alcoholic home" in Honolulu, HI. They treated as normal when his father, an Episcopal minister, passed out at the dinner table at home and other places.

His father was intervened on, went to treatment when Sam was 10 years old, got in AA and is sober to this day.

Sam grew up around the rooms of AA. Sam felt "due" rather than happy. His dad's life got better but Sam's got weirder.

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