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(#517) Sallye C (Honolulu, HI)
1/9/1988 in Tyler, TX  EVENT: 40th Tyler AA Anniversary  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

OVer 20 years in Al-Anon, Sallye was born and grew up in Oklahoma until she was 14. She really loves the way AA and Al-Anon work together in Texas. She knows she is a member of Al-Anon, not because her husband and daughter are members of AA, but because she goes to Al-Anon meetings on a consistent basis. She did not know a lot about herself or anything else before that time and did not come because she thought she needed to come. In the rooms she learned to replace anger with compassion.

She came to Al-Anon after her husband Keith started in AA. When things were at their worst, she prayed to God alone in her bedroom to help Keith. Soon after, Keith called AA. She thought that was rather drastic but was resigned if that is what it took. On July 20, 1967 Keith went to his 1st AA meeting and Sallye was contacted by an Al-Anon member.

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