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(#2273) Ruth Hock - Letter 1955 (Ohio)
11/10/1955 in n/a  EVENT: Reading of a Letter  TYPE: Other, Female, Historical

Recollections Letter to Bill W - Nov 1955

This is a wonderful reading of a letter from Ruth Hock, AA's first secretary, to Bill W dated November 10, 1955.

NOTE: The comment in the recording file indicates it was made for Willie B, which I assume is the Spring, TX, Harley-riding school teacher who often participated with Joe and Charlie in their Big Book Comes Alive sessions focusing on the Twelve and Twelve.

Hear Ruth share these in 1978:

Ruth Hock in Glendale, CA 1978

Ruth Hock Remembered in Box 459 p.7 AA Newsletter Sep 1986

Ruth Hock with 5 millionth copy of the Big Book

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