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(#1071) Rose B (Montgomery, AL)
Feb 1964 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 9th Skyland Group Anniversary  TYPE: AA, Female, Story, Historical

AREA 16 Archives

A 47 year old native of Montgomery with a strong Southern accent, she is humble and grateful. There was a day in her life when nobody wanted her. Her story is not a pretty one.

Though she never drank in her teens once she started she always drank her whiskey straight.

She took a business course and began working for lawyers. Nothing was good enough and she always wanted it her way. She got a chance to work in Washington DC. She met and married a drinking and gambling man there only knowing him for three months.

She came back to Montgomery to have their first child. She did not know how to be a grateful mother. She longed to be back in Washington with John and eventually did.

She started drinking non-alcoholically before her second child. Her drinking after that progressed. John had a law degree and Rose took the children to Montgomery to be raised by her family. With no constraints, their drinking and troubles, including jail, escalated.

She was scared of whiskey but drank anyway.

They moved in with John's father, the judge. Rose drank, had a son and kept house. She was miserable. Though still drinking himself, John was mad at her about her behavior. He left to make his fortune in Texas only to find a job as a porter in hotel.

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