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(#1594) Robyn V (Winston-Salem, NC)
4/30/2016 in Kennesaw, GA  EVENT: 25th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Robyn suffered from the effects of alcoholism long before she met her qualifier - her husband David. She has always been a rule breaker rather than a rule follower.

"We did not fall in love - we fell in sick."

Though she did lots of alcohol and drugs, she does not have the alergy. She was angry that he could not quit the way she could.

She came into the Program extremely angry.

They separated, he stayed out there for a while, went to treatment and invited her to come to Al-Anon nine years before she actually did.

He became a different man as he became a good AA member. They reconciled and bought a new home together.

"My disease is a disease of attitudes."

Robyn contributed to his alcoholism with her mouth and attitude for seven years. She did not support him going to meetings.

A back injury started him back into his disease.

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