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(#2334) Rob W (Dunwoody, GA)
10/6/2018 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 2 years since 7/5/2016, this is the first time Rob told his story from the podium.

He threw away his notes and spoke from the heart. Bravo.

The son of a preacher man until age 13, he grew up in fear for his father who did not "spare the rod".

Rob had his first drink with his father's mother at age 13. He first did drugs two years later.

In his senior year he got arrested for breaking and entering trying to get whiskey from a closed liquor store.

He got expelled from college for some very interesting behavior in the girl's dorm.

He managed to get out of the Army after four years with an honorable discharge.

He got married and they had two sons. He tried to be a good father but drinking and drugging sometimes made that difficult.

They divorced after nine years.

Six or seven years ago he met his current wife.

At age 48, alcohol stopped working, he came into AA but met someone who started him on meth.

His wife found out, he broke down uncontrollably and agreed to go to treatment.

An intervention 25 years earlier did not work.

"I don't know why it clicked with me this time but, man, I am so glad it did."

His relationship with his father has completely turned around.

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