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(#1102) Richmond W (Daytona Beach, FL)
Winter 1958 in Boston or Vermont  EVENT: Meeting iin Boston or Vermont  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical, Author

Author: 24 Hour A Day

Sober 15 years since May of 1942, Richmond was the author of the book that launched Hazelton into the publishing business and gave it the funds to be a positive force in the Recovery Community.

It was an act of love rather than a money making venture for Richmond.

In this recording, he shares his story of how he managed to drink himself into the rooms of AA in Boston in 1942. AA in Boston was heavily influenced by the Emmanuel Movement there which fostered Courtenay Baylor.

There is evidence that Baylor was the lay therapist treating Rowland Hazard and his family at the same time that Rowland was helping Ebby.

SEE READINGS for more information on Rowland and the Emmanuel Movement.

This talk is part story and part sharing the concepts by which he managed to stay sober and at Peace.

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