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(#2641) Rich B (Ocean City, MD)
8/2/2019 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 44th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 14 years since 8/30/2004, Rich describes himself as a surf derelict who did not quit drinking willingly.

"I didn't put the plug in the jug. My best thinking didn't bring me to AA...Because if I could do any of those things, right, it would make me non-alcoholic by definition. It would imply that have power, choice and control over the drink which I assure you is the last thing that I have."

He actual started a program called Campus Connection while drinking and using that was very successful for many who followed it.

Meanwhile, he was busy burning his life to the ground.

It is a fascinating story how he came into AA, got hooked up with and old-timer and entered a very responsible career.

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