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(#4306) Rhonda H (Wichita Falls, TX)
7/30/2022 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 45th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

In Al-Anon some 30 years, Rhonda was a Tomboy raised in Oklahoma in a happy, safe, religious family until she was sexual abused by a family member.

She never told anybody for decades and still deals with it today.

Powerful talk with lots of twists and turns.

She does not have a home group - hers died of Covid They tried to restart it but that did not work.

On one of the first talks she ever heard, an AA speaker said:

"Nobody does it to ya', and nobody is gonna' do it for ya'."

Her first encounter with AA and Al-Anon was as the landlord of an active clubhouse next door to her hair salon and home. From them she learned:

"One person in recovery can change the dynamics of a whole system."

Guidance for her means - "God, You, I - we dance."

At the end she speaks about being a Big-Book-Thumpin' West Texas Al-Anon who now has a Master's Degree and works at a Treatment Center.

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