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(#1431) Rev Harry P (Lake Placid, NY)
Oct 1971 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: Atlanta, GA  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Sober 18+ years since 1952, raised in Columbus, GA, later moving to Tampa, FL, his father was "haunted by the damnable demons of alcoholism".

"I hated that which could turn my father into an animal." His father later sobered up.

His grandfathers on both sides were also alcoholics; his mother later became one and her mother was an alcoholic who was run over and killed by another alcoholic. "And I, too, am an alcoholic."

I think he qualifies.

He started working at 10 years old, was a Boy Scout and hated alcohol though he drank once at age 13.

He went to college on a football scholarship to Georgia Military College and then University of Florida. He did not drink until Pearl Harbor Day 12/7/1941. At age 21 in May 1942, he got his diploma and his draft notification.

He got married, went overseas, drank and was unfaithful to all he believed. He landed in Normandy on D-Day, was wounded by a sniper and came home paralyzed in one leg wearing a brace.

He went through law school in two years graduating with honors. He opened his own office in Bradenton, FL. He had it made and started relaxing - and drinking. He was appointed County Judge for two years. And his drinking escalated.

He came into AA through the back door starting first on Antabuse for 11 months. He began teaching a men's bible class but drank again.

He got to where he could not get drunk. Then he had a sudden spiritual experience. He has not had a drink since.

He entered the ministry in sobriety.

GSSA Cassette # C00-0102

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