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(#2217) Red A (Buena Park, CA)
2/9/1992 in Newhall, CA  EVENT: Newhall, CA  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Terminal Disease

Sober just over 30 years since 1962, Red was a pilot in the old Army Air Corps prior to the start of WWII.

He did not drink alcohol until he started flying in the early years of the North Africa campaign after being one of the 9 of 22 crews to return.

His first drink was prescribed by the flight surgeon. He used that as an excuse for the next 20 years.

He reminds the newcomer:

"What we are dealing with here is a Terminal Disease."

Alcohol took his career to some dark and dangerous places flying to earn enough to drink regardless of the mission.

Classic AA speaker with a strong story and delivery.

(54 min) (9.3 MB) (id#2217)