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(#166) Rea B (McDonough, GA)
7/18-21-2002 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 27th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Lively and enthusiastic, sober since 1987, Rea spends a large part of her talk in the recovery portion of her story. Born in Arkansas, she had relatives that brutalized and victimized her as a child. Her mother grew up in an alcoholic home and married an alcoholic. Rea married one as well. She did not know how to love anyone or have a relationship. She just knew how to go out in the world and get what she wanted. She had children with different fathers and left them with her mother so Rea could go"find herself". Came into Al-Anon to help her husband. Two weeks later they told her she was in the wrong room. Finally got on her knees and asked God for help and pledged to go anywhere and do anything to get sober. Got a "Big Book Thumper" for a sponsor who took her through the program in the book long distance. Her fourth step revealed she had lived one year of her life 20 times.

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