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(#1234) Ray V (Sandie, TX)
7/11/1999 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 24th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 27 years since 7/20/1971, the Sunday morning speaker, Ray is a Southern Baptist preacher (25 years) and therapist by profession. He calls his wife of 45 years the most important person in his life today.

It is always interesting to hear an alcoholic minister. Ray, funny and witty, is no exception. He has some very humorous observations about certain televangelists.

He said he is working on a manuscript entitled, "Multiple Personality is Not Necessarily a Disorder".

He also is not in favor of the term "Dysfunctional Family". Adam and Eve, Cain and Able did not look very functional. Noah on finding dry land, planted grapes, made wine, got drunk and naked.

Where are the functional?

People are constantly looking for ways to blame their problems on other people.

God gave the rest of the world 10 Commandments but gave alcoholics 12 steps because he knew we always wanted more of everything.

He is originally from LaGrange, GA. His drinking kept him from finishing medical school so he became an embalmer and funeral director because he already had the core courses.

"The hardest think about being a funeral director is looking sad at a $20,000 funeral."

His wife was ready to kick him out but went to AA.

His first AA meeting at a church, he stayed outside and listened through the window because he wanted nothing to do with religion.

Now he is a preacher for 25 years.

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