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(#2176) Ray O'K (New Rochelle, NY)
2/18/1984 in Ownesboro, KY  EVENT: 33rd Kentucky State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 18 years since 11/24/1965, Ray is very funny and articulate with a solid message of recovery.

A law professor who lost his ten year through drinking, he talks about waking up in a room that had a serious architectural flaw - there was no door knob on his side of the door.

He was later reinstated in a way that is classic AA.

He calls the only wife he ever had "my current wife" because it keeps her on her toes.

His wife Stephanie later discovered she too was alcoholic.

Her story is also on WeJoy.

Stephanie O'K in Maryland 1992

(1 hr 29 min) (12.2 MB) (id#2176)