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Ray OK - AA History
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AA History & Primary Purpose Explored

Originally labeled "How It Works" and "Primary Purpose", these are really a loving walk through the history of AA. There is new evidence that shows that Carl Jung probably did not play as large a part in the founding of AA as is traditionally attributed. There is a need to reexamine the role the Emmanual Movement's  Courtnay Baylor played  as the man who directly helped Roland Hazard get sober. Ray was, apparently, not aware of this in his talk. The essential spirit of the AA history though is well presented even if some of the details about the personalities may not be completely accurate.


(#202) Ray OK (Miami, FL)
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Sober since 11/24/1965, Ray continues his views on Singleness of Purpose and the difference between alcoholics and non-alcoholics and why AA is not the right solution for those with problems other than alcoholism. The views expressed here are notnecessarilythe views of this website or AA as a hole. Ray is articulate and his opinions are well though out. He is a man who made his living as a professor of law. As such, he states his case plainly and with great intelligence.

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