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(#730) Randy K (Atlanta, GA)
3/22/2015 in Duluth, GA  EVENT: District 19 Al-Anon Day  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story

He wonders how he got into Al-anon. None of his family or friends was alcoholic except his grandfather who he was never around much. He did marry a woman who became an alcoholic but he never remembers being bothered by her drinking. He is not sure he even knew what alcoholism was. He is a people pleaser. In fact he has had more problems with his wife's sobriety than with her active alcoholism because he got to play the role of victim. There was never a moment in his life where he was disturbed by someone else's drinking. But he knows to his core that this is where he belongs because he was very spiritually sick.

(47 min) (28.2 MB) (id#730)