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(#1388) Randi (Mt Pleasant, SC)
3/4/1999 in Charleston, SC  EVENT: 52nd South Carolina State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 28 years since 12/20/1970 in Boston, Randi was born in Iowa to a middle-class family she describes as very alcoholic for many generations. She swore she was not going to be like this.

An aspiring actor, she has advice for parents, "Sending an alcoholic to drama school - don't bother!"

She became a housewife gulping coffee cups of gin listening to the music about the life she should have had.

"I also tried to commit suicide once by taking four aspirin instead of two."

She got sober after her last suicide attempt - and she was serious. But the idea came into her head to call AA.

"I did know alot about Alcoholics Anonymous though I didn't know anything about it."

How she picked her 2nd sponsor is classic AA.

Funny and delightful what she thought AA was.

NOTE: Her last name was not on the tape and I did not find it mentioned in the talk.

(49 min) (11.3 MB) (id#1388)