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(#259) Ramona B (Okmulgee, OK)
1985 in Hot Springs, AR  EVENT: AR State Confvention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Strong, passionate and funny, in Al-Anon for 22 years since 1963, she was raised on a ranch by a loving Native American father and non-Indian mother and one sister.

It was a beautiful life with long horseback rides with her father learning about the Great Spirit and a life based on principles.

Ramona married a cowboy named Bob. Life was great in the beginning with weekends at old Oklahoma honky-tonks.

She cannot say when alcoholism stole into their home.

She wanted to teach him but found it was hard to talk sense to an alcoholic especially when they have been drinking.

A prime qualification for AL-Anon is to become a fixer. She had a baby to try and fix him.

Today she realizes that one of her greatest gifts from God was the ability to love an alcoholic.

Alcoholics try to hide their bottles.

"We tried to hide a live, damn drunk!".

She came into Al-Anon with a hardened, tiny knot of a heart. Today each member of the program is a cell in a much larger heart.

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