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(#1152) Ralph W -Step 4 (Los Angeles, CA)
12/4/2010 in Pine Mountain, GA  EVENT: 2nd Woodstock of the South  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps, Story

Step 4

Ralph talks fast throwing little jewels out nearly every minute of this talk.

Sober 24 years since 10/11/1986, Ralph and his brother Ron have led a Big Book Study in the inner city since shortly after they got sober.

Ralph says the essence of this Program is one alcoholic talking to another that goes well beyond standing up at a podium on the weekends.

He shares about the "Shadow Soldiers" - the ones not in the spotlight.

He did all his work on Step 1 before he came into the Program but he had to step back and take a look at that time from a new perspective.

He had to admit he was bodily and mentally different from other folks that only a spiritually experience can conquer.

Why is living life on a Spirituality Basis such a difficult choice?

Step 4 puts life into the decision made in Step 3.

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