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(#1090) Rachelle M (Smyrna, GA)
4/15/1994 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 4th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 12 since Easter Sunday, 4/11/1982 in Columbus, OH, Rachelle grew up in a military home that moved around frequently but she loved it.

She was always ready to go somewhere else feeling like she was switched at birth from parents who had lots of money.

She hated childhood and want to be an adult with power. She read about the gods of the underworld, witches and warlocks because they had the power she craved. In front of adults she was good.

And this is before she started drinking (except as a 3 year old).

She drank for 17 years (even though she never liked the tast) only 3 of which were good. The rest was angry, "walking dead".

Something happen that Easter on two sips of wine when she saw her personality change suddenly on only two sips.

This triggered a series of events and awakenings in a single day that turned her life around.

Still sober last time I saw her, I recorded her again in 2011. Will upload that talk in the near future so you can hear the rest of the story.

(1 hr 7 min) (23.3 MB) (id#1090)