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Polly P - Emotional Sobriety - 1998
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Emotional Sobriety - Womens Retreat

One of the well loved and followed members of AA, Polly was sober at the time of this workshop 21 years since 4/11/1977.

This is an Emotional Sobriety Workshop Polly led. There are lots of detailed questions inspired by Bill W's January 1958 article from the Grapevine entitled Emotional Sobriety. She also leads the group through the process of actually filling out a fourth step will real examples from her life and the lives of some of the participants.


(#773) Polly P (Cypress, CA)
May 1998 in Covington, LA  EVENT: Emotional Sobriety Workshop  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop

Workshop Part 4

Includes a short meditation session.

(31 min) (21.7 MB) (id#773)