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24th Spring Conference-The Woodstock of AA
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The Woodstock format was introduced by Bob D. of Las Vegas, NV some years back. Well known and loved speakers with long term sobriety share their experience with a focus on 1 to 3 steps each. The order of the presenters is determined by the step(s) each will focus upon. It becomes a cross between a step and a pure speaker meeting. The result of those I have attended is magical.


(#533) Polly P-Steps 8-9 (Jacksonville, FL)
5/3/2014 in Orlando, FL  EVENT: 24th Spring Conference-The Woodstock of AA-CD 5  TYPE: AA, Female, Steps

Covering Steps 8 and 9, Polly is the one female on the schedule. She speaks openly about making amends for neglecting and verbally abusing her children during her illness and early recovery. She, also, covers her recent making financial amends after recovering from financial bankruptcy and what she and her husband Dave did to pay back what they owed even when an institution refused to accept payment. This is real experience. As the Big Book says on page 83, "The spiritual life is not a theory. We have to live it."

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