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(#1797) Peter F (San Diego, CA)
July 2002 in Sacramento, CA  EVENT: Spring Fling  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

One of my favorites talks that has been in the collection since 2006, Peter once shot a man in a poker game and thought nothing of it until he got into AA and got a conscience.

Later, he met the man in AA.

He has no real reverence for personalities but great respect for the principles. He says he is not and authority or expert on AA, but:

"I have an opinion on everything and I am going to share it with you tonight and if that p*s you off well so be it."

At the time of this talk he was suffering from a fatal illness that had returned. I do not know what his status is now.

(1 hr 16 min) (17.4 MB) (id#1797)