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(#2648) Peggy K (San Jose, CA)
8/23/1993 in Sunnyvale, CA  EVENT: AFG Northern CA Dist 20 Speakers Meeting  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

An old-timer in Al-Anon since the 1950's, Peggy came into the Program in Germany.

Her husband, Huck, was career Army starting just before Pearl Harbor.

She met him in 1939 on a deer hunting trip in Northern California. He was drinking alcoholically even then.

She realized later she was crazier than he was.

Her daughter would sometimes cower in her bedroom to hide from her rages.

She finally demanded to go home to the States.

Through a series strange events, he started going to AA.

"He said, 'Peg, if I try to stay sober, will you stay?' and I said yes ... Shortly after there was a knock on my door and there were three ladies standing there."

She has learned this truth:

"Don't be what you ain't.
Just be what you is.
Cause if you is not what you am,
Then you am not what you is."

Her story of family recovery is delightful.

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