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(#218) Peggy C (Baltimore, MD)
9/18/2000 in York, PA  EVENT: 3rd Sunlight of the Spirit Conference  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Peggy came to her first meeting 1/10/1979hopeless with a wilted spirit to discover the first ray of sunlight to shine on her spirit. She quotes that a miracle is a shift in perception. Raised Irish Catholic in West Philadelphia. Her alcoholic father died from this disease. He would take her to the tap room at five years old. She would sneak his beer, get tipsy and the men would give her pennies todance. At 16 she had her first real drink on a date, got sick and fell down stairs. Her family moved in the night many times. Later she got a Go-Go Dancing job part time while working at the Telephone Company. Married a non-alcoholic at 22. She learned to become a liar, cheat and thief about her drinking. Tried to fill the hole inside by adopting a child. Moved to a Maryland boating community and had a child in 1975. Marriage was never good. Began to drink in private to avoidembarrassment. Went to Sunday mass for the first time in years, lit a candle and said a gut level prayer and felt it. That night the booze stopped working. Three days later she came into AA feeling worthless and came out feeling very disserent.

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