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(#1050) Paula C (New York, NY)
10/18/1969 in Columbus, GA  EVENT: 16th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story, Historical


Sober 14 years since the summer of 1955, Paula starts with greetings from Bill W. because she was employed by GSO as Assistant Manager of the Grapevine.

Here, she shares her experience, strength and hope as an "intoxicated women". Her husband would come home and find her incoherent.

She drank from her 20's to 40's going from controlled drinking to full blown alcoholic. She owned a bookshop across from Grand Central Station and wrote reviews for the New York times. It was not the type of life that drives one to drink.

Her last three weeks drinking she could not get out of bed. Her husband could see she was drinking against her will.

She was done and went into Knickerbocker Hospital in late August of 1955 and has never had the compulsion to drink since then.

A great quality recording that is as relevant today as it was when it was presented.

Later at this event she gives a presentation on the Grapevine as it was in 1969.

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