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(#2004) Paul E (Stone Mountain, GA)
3/9/1996 in Lilburn, GA  EVENT: Third Tradition Group Anniversary  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 25 years since 3/3/1971, this recording comes highly recommended by Jim M who got sober in 1980 and knew Paul well.

Paul is funny, articulate and very active in AA.

He was born on a Reservation in South Dakota.

He did not finish the 8th grade and was kicked out of the Navy because he was a drunk.

He didn't think he belonged in AA because he was different; unique.

He tried many paths to sobriety and finally found a home in AA.

He got his last DUI after seven months without a drink.

What he got from sobriety he describes in one word - FREEDOM.

(49 min) (11.3 MB) (id#2004)