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(#646) Patti W (Ogden, UT)
2/8/1996 in Salt Lake City, UT  EVENT: 32nd International Woman's Conference  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

This is a delightful story from a trusted servant. Sober 25 years as of the day before this talk, Patti was working at the time on the Trustees' CPC Committee at the GSO in New York. She grew up in Utah in the backwoods and was a loner most of her life who turned out to be a rebel. One quarter Native American, she did all the right things in school and life until age 13 then changed overnight. She found the boys and the wild kids and started drinking at 14. She picked her husband of 26 years when he was a very unlikely candidate - a mean bum, con and street beggar. They came into the program together.

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