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(#200) Patti L (Chicago, IL)
2/10/1996 in Salt Lake City, UT  EVENT: 32nd International Women's Conference (IAAWC)  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Patti is the daughter of a full blooded Native American mother and unknown father.

Her mother claimed Patti's dad was a leader of the D.C. mafia.

This man took her into her home when she was anadolescent and near death with rickets and lice. He raised her as his own.

She graduated High School at 15 and had a job with high security clearance at the State Department when she was 16.

Her I.Q. of 200 was not enough to control her alcoholism which surfaced after her first drink in her late teens.

She was to ride it from a million dollar income of crime to living under a bridge and doing whatever she had to to get her next drink.

She literally crawled into the arms of AA overweight and covered with sores fromsyphilis.

She describes in detail how her sponsor guided her.

This isa powerful talk that starts with tears of joy and a happy birthday wish from the crowd of sober women.

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