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(#668) Patrick B (Atlanta, GA)
1/29/2015 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: 5th Thursday Serenity at 7  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story

11 years in the program since 2003, Patrick is a very active member of Al-Anon in Georgia. He is from Oakridge, TN. His parents worked on the Manhattan Project there during WWII. His father was unable to relate to children and his mom over compensated. He graduated high school in 1969 - a very good year for lots of activities. In such pain at home, he left TN to go to college in upstate Minnesota. He partied and did not do well at school. He volunteered for the Navy as a radar technician. But the Navy was not fixing him on the inside.

He got out, went to college and got into service in a church different from the one where he was raised. At age 40 in 1991, he met an married a woman he promised to make happy. That did not work. He cannot put a direct name to his qualifiers but he has all the traits Al-anon addresses. His wife later came into Al-anon as well.

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