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(#1625) Pat R (Oceanside, CA)
4/28/2007 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 17th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

The wife of AA member Cliff R. who also spoke at this event, she shared that she heard a misread of the Al-Anon 11th Tradition,

"We need to guard with special care the 'animosity' of all AA members.'

She says, "I am 70-ish and I am all out of ish's."

The first time she met Cliff he was really drunk, standing on a back porch smashing glasses and using four-letter words. She cannot claim that she did not know he was alcoholic. Her mother was a periodic drinker. She felt she could help him because she helped 'fix' her mother.

She grew up very poor during the depression in a small town outside San Francisco. "I grew up in an era where you keep secrets."

Her dad was a 32nd degree Mason. She learned from him about sharing and being of service.

This has served her well in Al-anon.

Hear Cliff's talk at this same event:

Cliff R at Marietta, GA 2007

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