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(#2781) Pat C (Austin, TX)
3/24/1990 in Twin Peaks, CA  EVENT: Unknown  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Highly recommended.

A delightful speaker, age 63, Pat came into Al-Anon 28 years before in 1962 at the tail end of it being treated as the Auxiliary of AA.

She starts with a funny piece "You know its going to be a bad day when ...".

Pat grew up in the safe little Texas town of Petersburg in a loving family though her father had bad things happen on the rare times he drank.

She married the WWII vet son of the town drunk.

She had to commit to the marriage as being bigger than either of them.

She tried to keep up with his drinking, but they were not having fun.

She began to feel "a whole lot of apartness in the same room" after Jack started hiding his drinking.

"It says in the Bible that 'This, too, shall pass.' It doesn't say, 'This to shall stay'."

"All my knowledge of cancer will not keep me from contracting it."

She fully joined Al-Anon when she realized, "that I could not talk about the Problem, to the Problem."

Steps 6 and 7 took on new meaning when she began to ask God to remove the NEED to talk too much, the NEED to be sarcastic...

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