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(#920) Otto M (Plano, TX)
Aug 2006 in Norcross, GA  EVENT: 28th Georgia Al-Anon Conference  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story

Funny and insightful, originally from Oklahoma City, his father was a police officer and his mother worked for the postal service. Both drank to excess. Dad was his first higher power. Dad beat mom regularly and fiercely.

Otto was a high achiever on the outside. He is the only member of a family of six to gradualte high school. There were many rules: men don't cry, don't be afraid, always tell the truth (even though it would get him killed at his home). Communication was through innuendo and insinuation. Holiday cards were always very generic.

He went unwillingly to Vietnam and the experience was brief but horriible. On 9/22/1968 he was seriously wounded. His first thought was "I got shot." Second,"God help me." Third, "There is no God.". He had seen too much through his life to believe there was a God who cared. The soldier who rescued him Otto recently met him in the rooms of recovery.

Otto got married while recuperating in the hospital - funny story. His recovery over 7 years was long and hard. He felt a victim.

The rest of the story is his journey back to God.

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