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(#1392) Olga M (Friendsville, TX)
11/14/1993 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 13th Oldtimers Meeting - NABA  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Rise, Fall and Rise again - Powerful Story!

Sober 27 years 1 month 6 days since 10/8/1966, Olga was born and raised in Birmingham.

Her parents were old when she was born. She had to take care of them from an early age. Never really had a childhood.

She graduated high school early because she did not like school.

She had her 1st drink at 16 at her first job.

Went from engineering field to high profile role at large department store entertaining celebrities and world famous fashion designers.

Drinking began taking over her life.

She got caught "co-mingling" funds and ran to Mobile to a similar job and got fired one month later for drinking. Got another job then fired again.

Drinking to work and worked to drink. Then she started writing hot checks and talking her way into jobs she was totally not qualified for.

In the end she had nothing but a non-alcoholic husband who stayed with her and called AA based on an ad he saw.

Corrections is her passion in AA. She served as a Committee Member to the General Service Board in New York.

After her husband died she went back to school and got licensed as a Substance Abuse Counselor.

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