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(#924) Oldtimers-1995 (Akron and Cleveland, OH)
11/12/1995 in Akron, OH  EVENT: Oldtimers Panel  TYPE: AA and Al-Anon, Both, Story, Historical

Oldtimers Panel-1995

This panel has Dr. Bob's daughter Sue Smith Windows and six AA members with 283 years of combined sobriety.

The meeting is held every year in Akron, OH around the anniversary of Dr. Bob's death - 11/16/1950.

Speakers: Chair: Jimmy D
Sue Windows-Dr Bob's daughter
Chas L (1941)
Art H, Ashland, OH (1946)
Frank S, Akron, OH (1949)
Tony M, Cleveland, OH (1950)
Ross S, Akron, OH (1950)
Joe B, Cleveland, OH (1951)


Requires two CDs to hold the entire session. put filenames ending in 206 thru 213 on the second CD.

(1 hr 37 min) (22.3 MB) (id#924)