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(#458) Nita Y (San Diego, CA)
8/14/1987 in San Diego, CA  EVENT: Easy Does It Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 19 years since September 1967, a lively and often funny talk, Nita always wanted to drink in a dignified manner but always wound up in a prone position. She grew up the middle of three kids in a small town in Mississippi.

She felt she was "insignificant Nita". Her parents divorced when she was young. She was ordered by the court to be raised by her mother's side of the family - the Bible "toten" side. Her father's was the hell-raisers and the bootleggers. That was where she wanted to be.

She felt isolated and alone. At 14, the family moved to Detroit. A good student in Mississippi, she did not like school in Michigan. She had her first drink at 15 and passed out the same night but not before it took away the disconnected feeling.

It was to be that way for the next 11 years even though she never got that feeling of Utopia again...until she got into the rooms of AA.

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