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North Carolina 1995 Correctional Facilities Committee Conference
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The Area 51 Corrections Facilities Committee (C.F.C.) Conference

This is an annual event focused on sharing solutions for carrying the message to incarcerated alcoholics and cooperating with the various agency responsible for these facilities. Held in the home town of Tom I., the man who went from inmate to warden, this event draws the truly passionate members involved in Corrections work. In 1995 the conference invited a large group from New Jersey to attend, present and share. There are individual speakers, panels and workshops.


(#702) New Jersey Corrections (New Jersey)
June 1995 in Southern Pines, NC  EVENT: Area 51 C.F.C. Conference  TYPE: AA, Both, Workshop, Story

All nine speakers are alcoholics involved in AA Corrections service in New Jersey: John C-NJ, Lollypop Joe H-NJ, Charlie S-NJ, Unknown Female-NJ, Steve-NJ, Irv-NJ, John 2-NJ, Ginger-NJ, Robbie-NJ. Each shares their experience, strength and hope as it relates to their 12th step work.

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