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(#2348) Nell L (Waurika, OK)
1986 in Wichita, KS  EVENT: Wichita, KS  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

In Al-Anon about 23 years, she was not raised in an alcoholic home. She had a beautiful mother and a handsome father she early learned to twist around her little finger.

"Eye-Lash-Energy came to me at a very early age."

She married a law student and after graduation moved back to her home town to setup practice. He later became a judge.

A doctor told her she could not have children and she was crushed.

She was mad at her Heavenly Father for telling her no.

They adopted a boy, a child of two alcoholics.

Then her husband Cleve began to drink alcoholically in secret.

Her hiding and covering up started soon after.

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