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(#463) Nell Wing (New York, NY)
1978 in Wichita, KS  EVENT: unknown  TYPE: Other, Female, Historical, Author

Nell Wing was a non-alcoholic who joined GSO as a part-time secretary in 1947 just trying to earn some money to travel to Mexico. She never made it. She became Bill Wilson's personal secretary from the early 50's through his death in 1971. She was a close friend of Bill and Lois even having her own bedroom at Stepping Stones.

In this recording, as the first archivist of AA's General Service Office (GSO), she covers the history of AA and what is in (and not in) the Archives and how this newly created resource was being used.

The recording quality is acceptable...the information ...priceless.

(1 hr 7 min) (15.5 MB) (id#463)