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(#2114) Natalie A (Iva, SC)
10/26/2001 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 25th Women's Recovery Workshop (WRW)  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Workshop, Story

Relying On Women

I have included the introductions as they are powerful in themselves and truly set the stage.

Loy introduces Natalie's mother, Donna, who introduces Natalie.

Natalie, 31 years old, thinks of herself as a girl rather than as a woman.

She wanted to be a member of AA from an early age but could not qualify.

This ia not your typical Al-anon talk (if there is such a thing).

Gets raw and hilarious.

She had her baby the day she told her mother she was pregnant. And she lived and worked with her mom every day.

She denied being pregnant for months.

(45 min) (10.4 MB) (id#2114)