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(#1573) North Carolina NA Founders (Various)
12/31/04-1/2/05 in Asheville, NC  EVENT: Spiritually High in the Land of the Sky XXI  TYPE: NA, Male, Historical


Founders Milton, Jim and Bob share how NA began in North Carolina.

In January 1981, an NA member, Neil B from Greenville, SC, spoke at ARC, a treatment center near Asheville, NC. Several of the founders who were in the AA fellowship, not all fully clean, went to hear Neil.

AA was not working for them. They decided to start and NA group in Asheville.

Jim got clean first. He was exposed to NA by two long haired Atlanta visitors to Bryson City NC, who told him he was not clean. Jim would go to Atlanta or his friends would come to NC until he had his last drug 4/5/1980.

Jim traveled the country with a women, stayed clean but they broke up in Wyoming. He returned to Waynesville, NC and started an NA group after the one in Asheville had begun.

You will have to listen if you want to know the rest of the story.

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