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(#1444) Morris L (Tulsa, OK)
10/18/1970 in Augusta, GA  EVENT: 17th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Sober 10 years since 1960, Morris came into AA the first time at age 24 in 1949 in Oklahoma.

He drank again and came back in 1960 after being fired for alcoholism from a sales job in the oil industry.

He was introduced as an Industrial Consultant for the Tulsa Council on Alcoholism, Native American, Grandson of the last Indian Chief by heredity - divine right, composer of Indian Music, member of the Kiowa Apache Tribe, Graduate OK State University, Columbia University and Rutgers College of Alcoholism.

GSSA Reel # R00-0035-S1-M2-T1

(49 min) (11.3 MB) (id#1444)