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(#2768) MJ I (Marietta, GA)
5/1/2021 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 8 years since 4/27/2013, MJ has been involved in service since she came into AA in Washington D.C.

Raised in Baton Rouge, LA, CIA (Catholic-Irish-Alcoholic), she is the youngest sibling by 9 years.

Her family of origin is not why she is an alcoholic, but the conditions were ripe in her "petri dish" for the development of her disease.

Alcoholism compelled her to do things early on that she would probably have never done otherwise.

Her shame and guilt then drove her to two addictions - boys and alcohol. Both changed how she felt about herself.

After failed marriages and toxic relationships, though always trying to look good on the outside, always blaming everyone and everything around her.

She stayed dry for some days then decided her problem was that she was the adult child of an alcoholic.

Soon after, she thought she was coming into an ACA meeting in Washington, DC, realized too late it was AA, heard her story and has stayed in AA and sober ever since. She knows it was a Power Greater than herself that walked her into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. And AA has walked her back to the God of her understanding.

She has learned not to regret her past but, rather, how to use it to help other women by sharing her experience, strength, and hope.

Wonderful story. Thank you MJ.

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